2 American oil execs jailed in Venezuela put on home arrest.


Two U.S. oil workers abducted in Venezuela have been released and former members of the South American nation, the New Mexico government, said Bill Richardson on Thursday.

Two more civilian officers were arrested during a business trip to Caracas. The former governor visited Caracas on a humanitarian mission and met with President Nicolas Maduro for his release.

The governor said the two people released for arrest are Gustav Carden and Jorge Toledo.

The Maduro government did not immediately comment on the men’s release.

Houston-based Maria Elena Kardens said when she called her husband on Thursday night, she learned with relief about the relocation and said she was looking for a place where D’Caracas ’family was no longer. at home.

Just before 2017, six men were invited to Caracas. On a thank-you basis, the meeting will be held at the headquarters of the state's oil company PDVSA, home of Citgo, Venezuela. He was upset with the security agents hiding from the meeting.

Venezuelan officials made allegations of corruption due to an alleged plan to refinance several billion dollars in Citgo bonds by offering 50 percent. Social partners as security. Prosecutors personally accuse the men of benefiting from an exclusive contract.

All six were released from the house arrest at the end of last year and returned to prison two months later.

In June, authorities posted a video of the arrested people after family members sought international help to free them due to apprehensions about men's health during the coronovirus epidemic.

Richardson, who runs the center, which aims to free US prisons around the world, made a brief visit to Venezuela earlier this month, saying that he was unable to release him despite negotiations with Maduro. Does.

The other four prisoners are Citgo officers Tomu Waddell, Jose Luis Zambrano, Alirio Zambrano and Jose Pereira.

Two other US citizens arrested in Venezuela – former Green Burt – Luke Denman and Airan Berry – were arrested in May as part of an explosive explosion to transport Maduro from neighboring country Colombia.

Washington and Caracas have a close relationship. The short-term regime supports opposition leader Juan Guedant as the legitimate president of Venezuela and leads the campaign of dozens of countries on Maduro. He once betrayed the economic and social decline of a rich country.



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