My child’s existential stress

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Your child is born with a difficult question that most of us do not care about adolescence, middle age or old age. But since she can’t blacken her hair, buy a sports car or put it on her list in a trip store, her hardworking thoughts are expressed in an important way.

My mother’s philosophy acknowledges that my child is an old soul who remembers many past lives and truly feels them. According to his doctor, he was trembling and had oil This may be true at the grassroots level, but I am sure he is a very nervous and often fear-stricken citizen. I have lived a long life to recognize guilt for fear of existence

Evidence of his worldly pain is here:

The baby cries and walks together; Their intentions, intentions, or safety blankets do not interfere And when I close Smith encourages me

The boy headed for the floor for five minutes, I clapped and shouted as I tried to move him.

As I approached the battlefield I had picked up, Chili, the boy slowly removed his rocket, took his arm and threw the priest on the side of the road, looking at my soul, or my mind. "She was released this morning; she's talked to her father and she's fine.

The boy held his hand over his mouth, turned red, faded, and then shouted at me

After buying my son Ernest, my son picked up a piece of knowledge full of farmland and finally threw a bottle at the poor Ernest’s head. Ernest is crying about what my son is leaving because he now has a partner in music.

A blue bear around him, a strange looking lamb, and a dark plastic bear crawled around him and woke him up, the boy immediately started cheering for his favorite toy Greta Thunberg's party condemned him at the UN and then he turned his back on the roof. Ten minutes

When I die, I feel like I have been shot by an arrow, and this makes my son so happy that he starts clapping.

The child sees an unfamiliar smile as Steve Bussemi cries continuously for an hour.

The boy complains when he dismisses the whole lawyer, so I put it on toast and ate it. He looked at me, rolled his eyes, and made a speedometer-like sound: "It takes eighty liters of water to make a lawyer, most of which is grown in the Third World." Irrigation of rivers over the years has adverse effects on water, environment and villages. Spread it on your toast a thousand years ago.

The baby won't turn back unless I put him to sleep. He then went to the beach as a fearless gym.

As soon as I rested quietly on my lap, the boy immediately raised his arms and bow and bent to the ground. He cries when I help him.

When I turn the child to sleep, he leans towards a finger that trembles in the dark and slaps my neck, reminding me that the weather is extremely cruel and I have to invest in the Beetle. Then he smiled, turned around and ran down to hell.

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