10 Proves That Cats Aren’t Smart

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Most of the time cats aren’t smart, although at times they may seem genius.  Cats are one of those animals which you’ll never understand, their logic is out of this world. Whether they sit on top of their cat bed, or eat from someone else’s bowl, it’s always weird. These kitty cats are the proves cats aren’t the brightest creatures at all.


-“You bought me an expensive cat condo ? Oh, big deal! I prefer the boxes.”
Why should a cat sleep on a comfy cat bed when there are amazing boxes around the house? It’s just cat’s logic; just remember, cats aren’t smart.


-“Muuust…go… through kitty door!”
The humans have opened a door for you, kitty. Do you really need to use your kitty door all the time ?


-“Hmm… My lousy brother sleeps in a smaller bed, and they gave me the bigger one. I want them both. Oh, who cares ! It’s mine; they’re all mine !”
Cats don’t know how to share. Period. And they can be so jealous !


“Yeah, the humans gave me a water bowl, but I like to make my life a bit harder.”
It doesn’t matter if this kitty never gets water out of this glass; she must keep trying….Remember, cats aren’t smart.


“Hey Frank, wanna switch? Lemme take a bite out of yours, please…”
You know how they say: The grass is always greener on the other side. The same brand of kitty food tastes differently in someone else’s  bowl, or course.


-“Hey, if it fits I sit !”

Cats are that funny; they’ll sit anywhere they want because they can. Who are you to tell them to sit somewhere else ?


-“Yeah, I’m quite comfortable. Why do you ask?”
See, I told you cats will sit ANYWHERE. This ginger fella doesn’t even understand what’s the problem


“Yeah, the view from here is great!”
Move kitty, you can’t see anything. Oh, God… It’s hopeless to say anything…


-“What do you mean it’s not good for me to lie down and eat ? I always eat like this!”
Hey, if the cat eats everything out of its bowl, it’s all good !


-“Today, I’m flour…”

Be careful you don’t use your cat for making cookies, instead of a cup of flour ! Cats are very adaptable, and most of all cute cats are all around us!

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