Squirrel Appreciation Day is Real


January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day to remind us to enjoy these nut-burying animals respectfully and with consideration. Red, grey or even black, what’s your favorite color of squirrel?  We couldn’t miss the opportunity to get a peak into the whimsical every day life of our cute furry friends on squirrel appreciation day. Except burying nuts all day, they also enjoy painting, sniffing flowers as well as sipping hot tea with a nice view. They have the complex and colorful life as we do!

A gray squirrel enjoys lunch trying to be like his friend in this fat squirrel picture.

A squirrel stuck in a manhole cover on a street in Isernhagen, Germany. The squirrel had to be rescued by the Police.

Squirrel pictures need to be taken in the wild, to find candid squirrel shots like this, chill out time.

This squirrel picture caught a cute squirrel saying  “Did I just do that?”

Cute squirrel drinking water out of a full bowl.

European ground squirrel eating some grass to stay lean and quick!

This Fat squirrel picture has a big belly

You don’t want to be anywhere near this Squirrel Fight!

This squirrel seems to have found a butterfly friend on Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Squirrel Got the nut!

What a cute kiss from a giraffe to his squirrel friend.

Squirrel Lunch Time

Siberian flying squirrel in winter

Cute squirrel Smelling flower on Squirrel Appreciation Day

Squirrel tries to steal a carved pumpkin…

Squirrel trying to catch peanut

Sweet quirrel mom and the baby



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