Cinephile couple recreates iconic movie scenes while in isolation

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A couple has recreated famous movie scenes using items such as toilet rolls and kitchen utensils in their home during the coronavirus lockdown.

Fanni and Norbert from Hungary decided to pass the boredom at home by staging some of their favourite Hollywood blockbuster movies in hilarious low-budget productions.

Using props such as toilet rolls, toasters, kitchen utensils and food items, the couple has managed to recreate famous scenes in some of the world’s biggest films.

In one photo, the couple is seen dressed up as the ‘Men In Black’ and staring at a tray of eggs in their fridge to recreate the scene when Agent J and Agent K found a group of aliens.

Pictured: Above, the poster for Wreck it Ralph, and below, Fanni and Norbert’s budget poster. The performing artists said they had been badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic and found themselves with a lot of free time at home.

In another picture, Norbert is holding up a pack of toilet rolls as a machine gun, with a TV screen of a fireplace playing in the background, to recreate a burning tank from the movie ‘Commando’.

Norbert and Fanni dressed us as Carl and Ellie from the movie Up and recreated the scene where Carl stares at Ellie lovingly with his head resting on a toaster as a post box.

It takes the couple around two hours to stage threee photos, and they are now planning to recreate even more movie scenes.

Fanni said: ‘Norbi and I are performers and entertainers. We mostly work with events, so the pandemic has interfered with our plans a lot.

The force is strong with this one. Fanni and Norbert as Mark Hamill recreate Star Wars using  a kitchen utensil

Run, Forrest, run!  Fanni and Norbert (right) posed as Jenny and Forrest from the iconic movie Forrest Gump, recreating the scene where she gifts him running shoes (left)

One of the couple’s favourite pictures is this recreation (above) of a Men in Black Scene using eggs in their fridge 

‘For example, we are the leaders of an improvisational theatre.

‘I am a huge movie buff and Norbi loves movies from the ’70s and ’80s, so our love for the craft is what inspired this series.

‘When we were still at university, we loved dressing up whenever we had the chance so thanks to those days, we have had a lot of accessories and costumes.’

The couple swapped boxing gloves for oven mitts (right) in order to recreate the poster for Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky

The couple encouraged others to ‘stay at home’ with this sign written in Hungarian, recreating the Love Actually Silent Night scene 

Wizarding imagination! The couple posed as Harry Potter and Professor Umbridge, from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie.

The couple (pictured) recreated a budget version of the Brokeback Mountain movie poster starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger (above).

Norbert put on his best tank top to recreate the Silverster Stalone look from the Rambo movie (pictured)

Speaking about how they came up with the idea, Fanni said: ‘Now we have a lot of time to do things we couldn’t do before so we tried to make the best out of this situation while also using our creativity. We are happy to make people smile. That’s all. 

‘My favourite one is Men in Black, and Norbi’s is Commando of course.

‘It varies for how long we take to do each photo. We don’t have a formula for this. Three photos usually take us 2 hours. Yes, we have a lot of picture plans, and will keep doing it because we enjoy it.’

The couple went the extra mile with a can of food in order to recreate a scene from the first Iron Man movie (pictured)

Fanni and Norbert even recreated a Charlie Chaplin skit (pictured left) using a black and white filter (right) .

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